Lockill Face Wear

Lockill Face Wear

LOCKILL is a story of Hong Kong people's self-reliance in fighting the epidemic. In January 2020, a pandemic came to the sea. During the Lunar New Year, there was a shortage of masks in the Hong Kong market. After the 2003 SARS calendar, China Science Engineering knew that there was a shortage of masks. And speculation must be taken. The team has made progress when it has developed a mask that can lock and kill bacteria. The team has decided to connect this new material project with English "LOCK" and "KILL" as the name "LOCKILL". It shows that Hong Kong people are in adversity. They can live together in the same boat. Complementary strengths, effective collaboration, and unity. We will not stop here. Continue to develop and improve products, and promote the revolution of wearing masks and mask design.

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Lockill Faceeoff Reusable Mask|High Hreathable|Sports Mask|Face Wear|HK R&D

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