Matador Outdoor Equipment

Matador Outdoor Equipment

Matador is a new branding company of America in this recent years, which mainly produce outdoor activities, travel and adventure products. Their products are highly durable, high in quality; and have innovative designing and excellent performance. Most of the company members are the lover of the outdoor activities, travel and adventure, and they have a strong awareness of environmental protection, therefore they will pay attention at their product design and the source materials.It is well known for their company objective, producing the high durability product, strong resistance from wear and reducing the waste. The product design would takes care of the user's needs and meet their demands based on the principle of simplicity and practicality. Matador is mainly focus on develop and design the packable adventure gear. Their famous products including the easy-pack and water repellent pocket blanket,the space-saving packable technical backpack/back bag,the water-resistant droplet wet bag,nano-dry trek towel,etc... Our shop is highly recommended the hiking/elevating/trekking lovers to have a try on their products, because the products are really highly efficient and cost-effective. Matador is ideally suited for the world travelers, adventurer & outdoor enthusiasts to use.

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Matador 20L Droplet XL Waterproof Dry Bag For Outdoor Swimming Camping Travel

Size: 3.9 x 2.7inch (In Silicon Storage)Unpacked: 14 x 24inch  / Capacity: 20L (Waterproof)Weig..


Matador Freefly16 V2.0 Advanced Ultralight 16L Packable Backpack

Matador Daylite16 Weatherproof Packable Backpack uses the finest materials available in the out..


Matador Freerain24 V2.0 Advanced Ultralight 24L Packable Backpack

Matador® Freerain24 2.0 is the lightest, most capable, waterproof packable backpack there is.  ..


Matador Freerain32 32L Waterproof Packable Backpack

This 32 liter ultralight waterproof alpine pack is engineered for fast objectives in all conditions...