Magene Sensor

Magene Sensor

Magene develops high-end technology products, manufactures smart sports equipment, and provides smart sports solutions. By providing high-end bicycle equipment, customized hardware and software support, we are committed to improving the experience of passionate sports users. Magene developed the Cycyling Sensor / Computer. Cyclists can accurately measure their own skills and help improve or improve their personal skills.

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Magene Gemini 210 ANT+ & Bluetooth No Magnet Wireless Speed & Cadence Sensor Compatible With Garmin, Bryton Bike Computer

1. Dual Transmission System (ANT+ / Bluetooth) Compatible With Both Widely Used ANT+ and Bluetooth S..

HK$168.00 HK$138.00

Magene MHR10 Dual Mode ANT+ & Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor With Chest Strap

1. Record information from each workout, to make the exercise plan more reasonable, also intelligent..

HK$300.00 HK$248.00