Julbo Eyewear

Julbo Eyewear

Julbo is a French brand since 1888 which specializes in performance eyewear both for sports and casual lifestyle for on an off the trails or in and out of the mountains over 130 years. We strive constantly to protect your eyes from UV rays (A, B and C), we offer a wide choice of REACTIV photochromic lens, polarizing or standard polycarbonate lenses. 

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Julbo Aerospeed Sunglasses|Spectron 3CF|Sports|Running|Cycling

For endurance addicts, triathletes seeking peak performance, cyclists and runners, Aerospeed is the ..

HK$790.00 HK$632.00

Julbo Fury Sunglasses|Spectron 3CF|Sports|Running|Cycling

With a striking and radical style, wide cylindrical lens and perfect venting, FURY is made for ..

HK$790.00 HK$632.00

Julbo Paddle Sunglasses|Spectron 3CF|Foating|Water Sports

The surf spirit is all around us: on every beach, lake shore and river meander, the new heroes of st..

HK$695.00 HK$556.00

Julbo Reach Junior Sunglasses|Spectron 3CF|Sports|Running|Cycling

For girls and boys who want to assert their personalities, Julbo has created a sportswear model with..

HK$360.00 HK$288.00