Ammo Energy Gel

-12% Ammo Energy Gel

AMMO Natural Energy Gel Contains Dual Action Booster, Multiple Carbohydrate Forms That Release Energy At Different Times, Providing Rapid & Sustained Energy During Exercise For Endurance Sports And Activities.
An energy jelly that tastes good enough to be spread on bread.

  • Banana Dry Syrup - Fast Absorption Carbohydrates high in potassium and magnesium for minerals replenishment. A pack of AMMO GEL equals eating two bananas.
  • Coconut Nectar Crystals - Sustained release type of carbohydrate to provide steady energy throughout your exercise and also rich in sodium, potassium and magnesium
  • Milled Chia Seed - Superfood that stabilizes carbohydrate absorption to control sugar spike and also packed with Omega 3 and essential amino acids.
  • Fleur De Sel (Sea Salt)
  • Purest form of salt with high mineral complexity. Replenishes sodium chloride and essential electrolytes to maintain water balance in your body while exercising.

All natural

No artificial flavors

No preservatives

No maltodextrin

No caffeine

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