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Hydration / Bottles
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Aonijie SD16 1.5L / 2L / 3L Hydration Bladder Water Bag BPA Free For Outdoor Sports (Advanced)

Material: TPU (body), BPA free Environmental protection materialsStraw size: 105 cmTemperature: not ..

HK$128.00 HK$108.00

Aonijie SD15 250ml / 500ml Softflask BPA Free Foldable Soft Water Bottle

Material : TPU (body) BPA freeCapacity : 250mL & 500mLTemperature : Within 0-40 degreeSuitable for :..

HK$85.00 HK$65.00

Aonijie SD19 450ml Softflask BPA free Foldable Soft Water Bottle

Brand: AonijieModel Number: SD19-R450Material: TPUTemperature: 0-40℃Net Weight: 41GVolume: 450ML..

HK$97.00 HK$68.00

Aonijie Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit 4 in 1 set

Features:Big brush to clean the reservoir.Small brush to clean the bite valve.Long spring wire brush..

HK$98.00 HK$78.00

Aonijie SD13 350ml / 600ml Softflask Long Straw Foldable Soft Water Bottle

Material : TPU (body) + Long Straw, BPA freeCapacity : 600mLTemperature : Within 0-40 degreeSuitable..

HK$95.00 HK$75.00

Aonijie SD21 500ml Softflask Foldable Soft Water Bottle

Features:-Hydration vest compatible - fits easily in most hydration vest, belt or pack pockets. Prov..

HK$100.00 HK$70.00

Aonijie SD23 420ml Softflask Foldable Soft Water Bottle

Features:Portable & collapsibleSmall in sizeWide top opening allows for fast filling and secure seal..

HK$100.00 HK$70.00

Aonijie SD27 420ml Heat Preservation Soft Flask Soft Water Bottle

Coolness can accompany you all the way - New Design Aonijie heat preservation Soft Flask2mm EVA Foam..

HK$148.00 HK$118.00

AONIJIE SD54 750ml Hydration Bladder Water Bag BPA Free For Outdoor Sports

Material: TPU (body), BPA free Environmental protection materialsTemperature: not more than 50c Wate..

HK$128.00 HK$98.00

Aonijie SH600 BPA Free 600ml Water Bottle

Material: Polypropylene (BPA Free)Bottle Size: 7.2 x 21.7cmWeight : Around 70gTemperature: Not More ..

HK$68.00 HK$48.00

HydraPak Blaster Bite Valve (Blue)

The best-performing valve in the industry. The Blaster Bite Valve comes with a dust cover to protect..

HK$69.00 HK$62.00

HydraPak Bottle Bright 12 Tablets Pouch

When it comes to hydrating equipment, heavy duty use needs heavy duty cleaning. Bottle Bright tablet..

HK$79.00 HK$69.00

HydraPak Cleaning Kit With Bottle Bright

Hydrapak Cleaning Kit 1 Tab and Brush A clean system is an effective system. The HydraPak Cleaning K..

HK$109.00 HK$98.00

HydraPak Expedition Water Container 8L

Bigger! Introducing our maximum capacity of eight liters! Suitable for Road Trip, camping or long-di..

HK$479.00 HK$407.00

HydraPak Flux Bottle ULTRA-LIGHT REUSABLE (1L / 1.5L)

Flexible bottles get an upgrade. The Flux is shaped like a hard bottle, compresses like a soft flas..

HK$179.00 HK$143.00

HydraPak Force Reservoir Hydration Bladder (2L / 3L)

The HydraPak Full Force Reservoir has a simple design with a large water inlet that allows you to in..

HK$359.00 HK$287.00

HydraPak Hydraflex Tube Kit

Water that tastes good, goes down good. Made with taste-free TPU, the HydraFlex drink tube is design..

HK$99.00 HK$89.00

HydraPak Hydrafusion Tube Set (Charcoal)

If you’ve ever had a shot of warm water on a blistering hot day, you know why we created HydraFusion..

HK$119.00 HK$107.00

HydraPak Seeker (2L / 3L) Ultra-Light (Mammoth Grey)

Get out and stay out. The high-capacity Seeker 2L / 3L is a durable, ultra-light hydration..

HK$179.00 HK$143.00

HydraPak Shape Shift Reservoir Hydration Bladder (2L / 3L)

Smart design, meet peak performance – also known as the Shape-Shift Reservoir. Our time-tested creat..

HK$319.00 HK$255.00